Cultural exchange with other countries of the world is a very important means of deepening understanding between countries around the world through exchange in language, traditions, education, art, craft and volunteers work etc. With interdependence among nations on the increase, it has become more and more important to promote mutual understanding of such social premises as language, custom, and cultural traditions and to strengthen heart-to-heart contacts through cultural exchange.

Promoting cultural exchange, undertakes different forms of activities such as exchanges of students, artists, professionals, sports persons etc to other countries and inviting them to your country, exhibitions of Indian art works, Indian stage and musical performances, promotion of Indian studies, and cooperation and assistance for the diffusion of Indian language education. In promoting cultural exchange, it is necessary to make efforts to understand other countries' cultures as well as to promote their understanding of India through introducing the Indian languages, customs and cultural traditions to people in these nations.

WWO provide person-to-person contact, bringing individuals together by opening our homes and hearts to people of different cultures, countries, continents and backgrounds. Our aim is to create global friendship, social responsibility, world peace and greater understanding between all the nations of the globe.

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