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Education is a very important part of contemporary life. Primary education refers to the compulsory education where in the students seek the basic knowledge about all the relevant and necessary subjects of life that may include the counting, word formation and comprehension and knowledge about general ethics, norms and standards of the surrounding.

Shikshit Bharat (Unite for Education) is a social initiative of WWO which offers FREE and quality primary education to underprivileged children. WWO believes that primary education is the foundation for the development of every citizen and the nation as a whole.


Primary: To provide underprivileged children with free access to quality primary education up to fifth grade. The program focuses on helping them to achieve basic literacy, and a foundation in math, science, and social sciences.

Secondary: To end illiteracy among people within the poorer and deprived communities of rural India, and to help provide program participants with practical skills that supports their development.


Presently we are working in Uttar Pradesh the highest populated state of India. With a literacy rate below 55% that is much below than the national literacy average i.e. 65.4%, with huge difference of about 45% in male female educational ratio. We have conducted a survey of the local area and villages of project site to create awareness about education and to know the educational status of the area, additionally to indentify the problem of illiteracy. While conducting these surveys we have selected some meritorious underprivileged students who either stop or not going school due to financial problem or family reasons. We consulted with the parents of these children and offer them free primary education and after approval of their parents we admitted them in our nearby school and started their primary education.

Full sponsorship

US $ 150/- pays for per annum tuitions fee, clothes, books, notebooks and other stationeries materials of one child.

Semi sponsorship

US $ 100/- pays for per annum tuitions fee, books and notebooks of one child.

Academic sponsorship

US $ 75/- pays for one year tuitions fee of one child.

WWO humbly requests your kind support in establishing and sustaining our activities for the children and youth. By contributing to WWO, you will be helping Indian youth to reach their full potential.

Contributions to WWO can be made by Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of “World Without Obstacles” New Delhi.

For more details please contact

Mr. Bharat Bhushan
Project Coordinator
t: + 91 – 9868789478, 9811172449, 11 - 22017706

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