Environment Awareness Project

Environment pollution is the result of progression and development that is occurring on a regular basis, with increase growth of technology more and more development is taking place in order to improve the quality of human life. Awareness is the basic tool for protection of the environment via education environmental legal rights and responsibilities, use of the media, awareness raising campaigns, incorporation of environmental issues in mainstream education, increasing awareness and education in target groups and encouragement of public participation in environmental matters.

Idol worship has been in the practice in India since ancient time. To worship God and Goddess only natural things like Milk, Curd, Ghee, Coconut, honey and River Water were usually used. Idols were made with clay and then coloured with natural colours like Turmeric. The religious scripts, mythology and rituals have attempted to drive the importance of preserving nature by adoring it through the centuries. Bhagavadgita (9.26) states:

“patraà puñpaà phalaà toyaà, yo me bhaktyä prayacchati
tad ahaà bhakty-upahåtam açnämi prayatätmanaù

(If one offers me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I affectionately accept that devotion offering from that pure hearted being)

Idols used to be immersed in water bodies. Such water bodies include rivers, lakes, seas ponds and wells etc. Consequent pollution of such water bodies has been a matter of concern. In addition to silting, metals, ornaments, oily substances, synthetic colours, toxic chemicals used in making idols tend to reach out and pose serious problems of water pollution. Studies carried out to assess deterioration in water quality due to immersion of idols have revealed that water quality gets deterioration in respect of conductivity, biochemical oxygen demand and concentration of heavy metals.


World Without Obstacles with support of local NGO’s/activist’s organizes “Social Idol Immersion Program” with the theme of “Clean Environment, Healthy Nation” under this program we create awareness among people who knowingly/unknowingly put their broken idols, statues, trash posters, books and other materials into garbage boxes, outside temple areas, parks and other unused places or majority of them into clean water such as rivers, lakes, seas without proper immersion which is not good for the environment as well as for the religious conviction. To overcome from this problem WWO organizes quarterly social idol immersion program in which we collect all broken idols, trash posters, pictures, statues, books and other materials from different residential societies of cities and rural places at one place and organize vedic immersion ceremony (havan & puja) afterward we take all collected idols, posters, pictures, books and other materials to out of cities, residential places to unused land and dig them into the earth with proper vedic system so by this way it will save environment pollution, water pollution as well as make people awareness about pollution issues.

WWO is planning to carry out public awareness and education programs to promote this social idol immersion ceremony to protect environmental population and righteousness.

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