World Without Obstacles (WWO) was one of the nicest experiences I had while my quite long stay in India. When joining the organization I had just quit a disappointing internship and thanks to some fortunate events I was introduced to Bharat, the director of WWO. Bharat inspired me to do more for the greater good and particularly for those in need - he really has his heart in the right place. Thus, I gladly visited some of the programs he is managing in the areas around Delhi and also Gonda in Uttar Pradesh. My main role at WWO was to lead a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to build a new school for the 300 children of Belsar, which is a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Without the necessary 30,000 USD these children would have soon been left to the hands of fate with not a very promising future. Luckily, I and Annelieke, who is another truly dedicated philanthropist, managed to get the necessary funds together and the construction of the building was set into full motion by the time I left India. All-in-all, I would recommend everyone looking to do something good in the world to either take up sponsorship for WWO, or fly to India in person and help out. There is always room for more assistance! Let's all set our hearts in the right place!

Riho Palis Riho Palis

I arrived in India to work as a volunteer in an Indian NGO based in New Delhi. My meeting with the founder of WWO (Bharat) has been very important for the rest of my stay in India! Honestly, it would not be as interesting as it has been without Bharat! He is doing very well his mission by hosting foreigner people and sharing about his Indian culture. He got for me an accommodation in a local family as I wanted and at just 5 minutes from my office! I let me know about the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where I finally had my best experience...learning the traditional old Indian way of living, thinking about spirituality, learning yoga and living in community. Bharat always took care about the evolution of my life in India, if I had any request he was always here to answer or just listen me to support! I have to thank him for many reasons...a special one is for giving me Hindi lessons and introducing me good friends there.

In addition in my good personal experience, I want to say how Bharat is devoted and passionate to his NGO work. He doesn't have really free time and he deserves different type of support, as volunteers or donations...He knows very well his topic; he is constantly going to the field to check how his projects are going. The projects of WWO are close to the reality of local people, open minded and well run... You can trust them! I believe in the future of the NGO and I would like to serve them as possible for me...Good luck and long life to WWO!

Marguerite Miailhe Marguerite Miailhe

Although I have yet to formally meet Bharat and be a part of the WWO experience, I find the work he does to be incredibly important and inspiring, especially in today's society. I was introduced to Bharat through a mutual friend who recommended I speak to him when I needed help arranging possible accommodation in Delhi. Although my plans to visit Delhi and work with another NGO were indefinite, Bharat still went out of his way to assure me that I would be safe and provided for should I need accommodation. Despite my plans to visit Delhi not working out, Bharat and I kept in touch, with him always agreeing to participate in my various research studies related to peace-work in India and Pakistan.

As someone with an interest in development, gender, and cross-border relations in/between India and Pakistan, I am very moved by Bharat's vision to attempt to create a world in which there is equal opportunity for all, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, all the while promoting understanding of and celebrating different cultures and people from around the world. I think WWO is a brilliant initiative and can definitely benefit a lot of people. Even without me yet formally utilizing WWO resources, Bharat has never failed to keep me informed and involved in WWO projects and initiatives. WWO is a great platform for promoting person-to-person contact and cultural exchange, and I commend Bharat for bringing his ideas to fruition!

Isma Aslam Isma Aslam
United State of America (USA)

WWO is a very multifaceted organization, led by talented and motivated Bharat Bhushan. My stay at their accommodation in Delhi was very comfortable. It was located in good area and had well connected transport to all main destinations of Delhi. Bharat and his partners are a good company and help with all the local errands.

WWO has many things in store- education programs for the less privileged children, is one of them. I sincerely wish all the projects a success and hope that good experts in different fields will volunteer for the same. I am also happy to be a member of WWO and hope to be useful! My best wishes. Thank you"

Inesa Sinha Inesa Sinha

World without Obstacles to me is an inspiring example for how one person can make a change in this world. Bharats dedication to WWO is endless. He runs WWO in an impressive and professional way. Next to his full-time job, he gives all his energy to serve others in many different ways. I had the honor to join him on a field-trip to the country-side for four days. He took me to a local primary school supported by WWO. It has grown out of proportions in the last five years; children were sitting outside of the classrooms, under an improvised roof. More and more children keep coming because the quality of education here is better than in public schools. Although it runs the standard government programme, this school implements it properly. Children are being tested monthly and do not promote automatically to the next group if they fail their tests. This means that they are really learning something and actually are able to read, write and count when they leave school. This cannot be said of all government run schools. However, the facilities in the school building were practically non-existent. I was most shocked by the fact that they don't even have toilets. Bharat rightfully told me that the quality of education is more important than the building itself. But they are saving for a new building and were already able to buy a piece of property for it. Some extra donations to at least get sanitary facilities in place for the kids would not be luxury at all. I am dedicated to do the needful. I hope others will join!!!

Annelieke Laninga Annelieke Laninga
The Netherlands (Holland
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